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Professional (LRS) Member

Professional Members are also Associate members, but are governed by the Procedure for the Functioning of the Professional Register of the Land Rehabilitation Society of Southern Africa as stipulated in a separate application form sent to an interested member. These members qualify to be recognised and accredited as a Land Rehabilitation Specialist status (LRS).

Associate Member

Associate Members are persons who are or were engaged in research, teaching, extension, administration or in commerce involving land rehabilitation, or who are concerned with the practical application of land rehabilitation. This member preferably needs a recognized qualification, and can be admitted to this Membership category by the Council on the grounds of knowledge of, or his contribution to the advancement of land rehabilitation.

Regular Member

These members shall be persons interested in the land rehabilitation discipline and are not interested in having voting rights on the management of the Society. No qualification is required.

Student Member

Bona fide student members registered as full time or part time students are eligible to pay the fee associated with Student Membership for a maximum of three years. Thereafter they automatically become Associate Members provided they comply with the requirements for this membership category. These members will have no voting rights on the management of the Society.