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Who we are

As a group of qualified, experienced and enthusiastic land rehabilitation specialists, LaRSSA identified an opportunity to improve, facilitate, support, grow, consolidate, accelerate, evaluate, and communicate land rehabilitation stories. The Land Rehabilitation Society has become the way to channel this energy.

LaRSSA was founded on the 8th of August 2012 and publicly inaugurated and constituted on the 15th November 2012. LaRSSA is a non-profit organization with a current membership of 250 and growing rapidly. LaRSSA has a potential member database of more than 2500.

Objectives of the Society

LaRSSA provides land rehabilitation discussion forums

LaRSSA provides a platform for the relevant capacity building of land rehabilitation best practice

LaRSSA hosts various technical field workshops and an annual conference where scientific research, case studies, as well as success and non-success stories can be shared.

LaRSSA creates open communication channels between all stakeholders which will provide information that will influence policy to ensure more sustainable rehabilitation outcomes.

LaRSSA promotes scientific research on land rehabilitation and communicates valuable outcomes.



To be a multidisciplinary society that promotes Land

Rehabilitation that is:


Technically robust

Economically viable

Socially acceptable

Value that LARSSA wants to provide

Peer support and acknowledgment of capacity /capability/track record.

Credible and scientific information portal.

Opportunity for green and responsible branding.

Input into policy and legislation (Government liaison).

The sense of belonging amongst land rehabilitation professionals, practitioners and industry as a whole.